[BEAUTY REVIEW]: The ONE Contouring Kit

What an exciting news knowing that Oriflame has finally launched The ONE Contouring Kit to Indonesia. I have been watching the review on YouTube for awhile, and super excited to try it myself. Was it worth to wait and buy? Let’s find out!


The long awaited has come to an end. Few weeks ago I ordered some of the new products of Oriflame including The ONE Contour Kit. For the packaging, nothing is wrong. Even more there is a quick tips how to contour in the back of the cover.

Actually I was overwhelmed with the size and the mirror. I thought it would be packed in smaller package. The size is actually perfect, just like handling a smartphone with 4-5 inch screen. So it is still good to be travel buddy.


Expectation kills, I was hoping that this contour kit would be more appealing on my skin except for the bronzer. Their colour is just right for any skin colour I guess. My skin colour is warmer than my other skin kekekekk. And it blends really well to contour my cheek bones and nose.

And you can find the highlighter in the middle with a bright pinkish colour. It was not the best but it was fine. Just right for daily use, because you don’t want people become blind by your cheek bones. Instead of talking to you, they will focus on your highlighter lol. EDIT: I just tried it on my face this evening without foundation , and it turns out so good! Maybe I was misplaced it , so it didn’t come out the brightest.

The last but not least, the blusher. I don’t know man, the colour was actually very pretty like a pink salmon. But it didn’t go well on my skin. I need to reapply like thousand times to create a fresh cheek. If it helps, I used my GIordani Gold Brush to make it more appeal. Ah, my baby is still the best, by all that mean is Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls.

And here are some of my photos using The ONE Contouring Kit


IS IT WORTH TO BUY? For me, it was okay since I like the bronzer so much. Maybe it will work well for a lighter skin colour, because my friend who has a fair skin tried the blusher and it turns out so cute. The prize for this month is IDR 149.000 , if you are willing to try yourself let me know. There will be a great deal, just click bit.ly/askditham.

Coming next >> The ONE Express Transformation Lash Waterproof Mascara

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