[BEAUTY REVIEW]: The ONE Express Blend Palette Eye Shadow

Holla! I’m back with a new beauty review of Oriflame’s latest products in June. This time I will try to write it in English to broaden the range of my personal opinion about the products.

Welcome The ONE Contouring Kit , The ONE Express Blend Pallete Eye Shadow and The ONE Express Transfrom Lash Waterproof. I was so excited when I first knew about the incoming products on June. Cause I’ve been waiting like foreva! Is it gonna be worth to wait and buy? Let’s see..

First thing first, let’s talk about The ONE Express Blend Pallete Eye Shadow or you can short it to The ONE Blended Eye Pallete like I did lol. Not to complain the name , it is just a bit hard to remember for such a forgetful person like me. Before I start to write the review, I will let you know that there are three kind of shade that you can choose. They are ‘Naturelle’ for you who likes natural look, ‘Vivid’ for colourful look and the last but not least ‘Smokey’ for sweet and bold look.


And I chose VIVID for my collection. Been a long time since I’m longing for colourful pallete. It was like love at the first sight. And yes I fell for it once I try it my self. The packaging is so chic and cute. The design and the size is just perfect for personal use and traveling. Each of its pallete has 8 different colours, a combination of matte and shimmering colours.


For a first try I thought about the exotic colour of peacock. So, I used almost every colour on the pallete, left the white and grey behind. It turns out pretty much good. It is quite pigmented and stay long for only IDR 149.000. But for some oily eyes, you need to apply some eye primer or concealer to make it stay longer.


So, is it worth to buy? YES, DEFINITELY! I’m so in love with this eye pallete. Unfortunately , there are no any other shade of warmth colour like in Korean brand make up.

Wanna get yourself one or three shades? click bit.ly/askditham

Coming next >> The ONE Contouring Kit



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