First blog post

I must admit it. It was hard to keep my self consistent doing what i really wanted since i have so many plans inside my head. Basicly, i am a nice girl with a lot of dreams. (Oh, come on! I feel like i want to puke and swallow it after. It sounds like i was writing my first intro in a teen movie). I love many things especially in arts and design. No wonder i get bored easily. But one thing for sure that i never get bored about is photography. 

Like singing, taking pictures with any devices never got me bored. i think i’m in love with it forever. But strangely, i never thought to build a carreer out of photography. I will take it as a pleasure, one of my favorite hobbies, my comfort zone. And i am quite sure that almost half of human in this world love to taking pictures and show it off to the world through social media.

As we can see it now, the new media ( we call it internet) has changed our way to express, learn, and communicating. We used to be more private personal than we are now. We spend our most of time to seek some updates, show off what we have got (lol), and express our emotion. Oh my God, is this kind of thesis?

Well, the point is i want to share my story, my personal thougth, my pictures, and maybe a spoon of love. I think it’s enough for my very first ball. Will catch you guys later! See ya!



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